Amazing Grace

Monday, December 06, 2004

This doll was made by Janet, a friend from church and is the doll sent in Grace's care package.

Kelly and Kiana with 10 dollies

Dolls for Orphans in China

I have been working with people from my church and a local girl scout troop to make these dolls for the orphans in China. I hope to pass them out to the children there when we visit the local Social Welfare Institute, most likely in Nanchang, Jiangxi province. I would love to take 50 dolls with me. Right now, I have 38! If you would like a kit to make a doll, please contact me via e-mail. I will be speaking next week at a local MOPs group and each woman will be making a doll for this project. In particular I would like to thank Janet, Kelly and Kiana, who have contributed numerous dolls. Thanks for your dedication and support. I know many children will be blessed by our efforts.

I selected a doll to send to Grace E. and photographed each member of our family with the doll. Then I put the pictures together in a photo album for her with the Chinese symbol of the person's relationship to her. Hopefully, she will become familiar with us via the scrapbook and we wont be such a shock to her at our first meeting...prayerfully!

A Room Fit for a Princess

Well, it should come to no one's surprise that this room is pink. Of course it is. We have had primary colors for 8 years and it's high time for some florals! This vision in my mind was brought to reality thanks to the hard work of my brother and neighbor Sean (who made the house book shelf and changing table remodel), my neighbor Sandi (who's nursery inspired me), my hubby, mom and all three boys. My brother did the handiwork in the room, putting up baseboard, moulding and the shelf that runs around the room. It is such a beautiful room. I can't wait for my daughter to come in and make it her own.
Her armoir

Grace's waiting crib

Room fit for a princess: view 3

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Welcome to Our "Blog"

Well, I'm going to start a blog because I don't have enough to do! Seriously, my poor little brain is packed to rim with info, info, info. But I am anxious to share this AMAZING journey with those who have loved, supported and encouraged us all the way through. The current status of our trip is as follows. We are in Group 98 with our agency. Groups 96 and 97 have just returned from China with their daughters. We are on deck and waiting for our 3rd and final call from Yazmine. She will call within 10-14 days of our travel date and give us the green light to book our flights. We have been told that their best guess is we will travel in the first two weeks of January. Our job now is to wait, enjoy the holiday season and pack for the trip of a lifetime. I'm waiting for a call from my doctor's office to get my shots for travel. Rob is busy getting all the finances together (crisp American bills) and the electrical adaptors for our cam-corders, cameras, etc. in China. The boys are learning as much Mandarin as they can before travel as well as customs of the Chinese culture. As I write, Rob and Barry are in Hawaii with all of Rob's family to spread his father's ashes off the coast of Oahu. Yesterday was his father's would be 60th birthday. We are all missing him earnestly.